WHAT TO DO IN A CASE OF EMERGENCYwhat to do when things dont go smoothly

Being prepared for a journey is a must - remember, fortune helps them who help themselves. But sometimes even preparation doesn't take you as far as you need and things don't always go smoothly ...



What to do when you run out of cash

In case you ever find yourself abroad without cash and credit card, you can count on the services of Western Union. This company covers over 200 countries all over the world and has over 500 000 agent locations, where you can transfer your money. Agent locations can be found on Western Union website and the whole process is quite easy. Sender fills in a form and provides cash including a fee. Then they call the recipient - giving them details from confirmation receipt together with a tracking number (MCTN). The recipient also has to fill in a form providing sender's information and proof of ID.



What to do when your things get lost or stolen

If your passport gets lost or stolen while abroad, it is essential to contact local police or Embassy of your country. In this case it is recommended to have a photocopy of your passport and contact number for the Embassy kept in a safe place such as your mobile phone or even have them saved as a draft on your email.

If your debit or credit card gets lost or stolen, you should notify your bank immediately. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a contact number for your bank branch with you.

If any of your equipment (camera etc.) gets lost or stolen, you need to get in touch with local police department. They will give you a statement that you will need for your insurance company when you get back home.



How to get medical assistance abroad?

In case of an accident it is important to have your insurance card on you and ready to show to a doctor. It is also advised to contact assistance services of your insurance company straight away. These are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They need to be informed about essential information, such as your insurance number, personal details and accident report. Upon returning home you need to contact your insurance company again and provide them with all receipts and information about medical assistance you received, so you can get a refund.



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